The Plane Crash

As I look out of the window I can see the sun rising above the horizon, the white dense cotton like clouds brightens up. I haven’t really had seen a sun rise in years now, it feels good when the beams of golden rays knocks on your eyes like they wants you to go out and play with them. I haven’t really played in a long time. I sit straight trying to hold my blanket and my pillow, then I look around , I can notice a couple of moving heads but most of  the companions are still sleeping. Taking a deep breath I rest my head on the support and embrace the sun, the cloud and the disappearing fog.  I can feel like I am floating on the surface of clouds, like I am going to heaven. I close my eyes and try to sleep again. The woman sitting beside me requests me to pull down the window screen and unwillingly I do it.

“wake up, wake up ! we’re crashing” screams the woman beside me.

I open my eyes with the thrust and notices that everybody is screaming and trying to hold themselves  to something. My heart starts beating faster and seems like I start running short of breath. Pulling myself together I try to do hold on to my chair and bend down as instructed by the crew members.

The woman beside me grabs my hand and looks into my eyes. “I am scared, I don’t want to die” she says. Her fear didn’t help me lose mine but added more to it. I look into her eyes just before I close mine, I can see my face sweating and the same scared expression that I had for the first time when I saw a horror movie.  As the plane is going down I can feel it getting faster,I thought the metal skin of the plane would come apart at the seams, I open my eyes to just check if it is some bad dream but today it’s not one of my minds job. It’s real and scary as it was never been before.

As the pressure goes down, I can feel the lack of oxygen in the air. The oxygen masks popped out of the ceiling. I put mine first and then tries to help her. I didn’t want to look into her eyes again but I couldn’t help it. She looks at me, her lips are moving but she makes no sound, I am certain that she is praying. I don’t even remember the last time I ever prayed, it’s been years now after I lost my first son and when I stopped believing in him and in believing about the existence of something supreme.

“We are not gonna die ” I say holding her hand.

We hit the trees with such force that the pilot and co-pilot were killed instantly. The cockpit dove deep into the earth. The plane tore apart from the impact.

The last thing I remember was her smile when we hit the ground. My head still hurts, I try rolling my eyes but the smoke has covered everything and I cannot see anybody moving. Then I try to move my hands but there wasn’t any movement on my left hand like I couldn’t feel it.


2 Responses to “The Plane Crash”
  1. Nidhi Nigam says:

    why your stories do not have a nice,happy and inspiring ending…….

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