Thinking of You

Thinking of you when I’m alone

gives me the warmth of your love…

And the moment you come

it gives me the most one could have…

The only smile of your’s

gives me a new life…

And the moment you laugh

makes me run for a new start…

Spending my time with you

becomes the precious moment…

And without you

it always becomes a secret assessment…

The two lucent eyes

of your’s enlightened my heart…

And I gained the reason

to gather all its parts…

I never thought and never dreamt

you will accept me but the moment you did i gone mad…

And the music of love spread around

when i lost my heart in your courtyard…

I never expressed my feelings to their extent..

but i know they have no ends…

Loving you was never a fun

but it is all in my blood that runs..

Knowing you with me now I have no fears…

because all there is love, fun and no tears…

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
One Response to “Thinking of You”
  1. Kokila says:

    Spoken from the heart – your writing was always truly heart-felt. I’m so proud of you and how far your writing has come. Don’t ever stop!! :))

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