Run to You (Destiny Calls)

I don’t know why people told me to be strong; don’t share your tears
But in the midst of the darkness and good times; I wanted to make it through…
So I decided to move ahead without any fears
And my endearing destiny, I decided to run inevitably to you…

For the darkness inside, I burnt my soul
Just needed a second chance to know, I was on my own…
And when I met you, I decided not to haul
Just to know about the verity and to forget all the reasons, built to moan…

I don’t know why people labeled me a poltroon
But in the midst of every battle, I still wanted to touch you…
Every night when I confessed to the moon
I knew somewhere that I’ll soon be provided with a cue…

Every moment since then, I’ve been thinking of you
Not just to have a hold, but to forget everything not meant for me…
And finally I decided that, although my words will be few
One day, certainly I’ll be the king of every possible glee…

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012

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