Touched by an Angel

I was waiting for the tidings of a miracle
And out of every dark night, I was searching for a shine…
I still can’t believe, how it happened
When I found you, I found my heart in a shrine…

Something let me feel, that a new day has come
And I can’t believe I am touched by an angel…
It’s you, who have changed everything, every moment now
It’s just a story of giving, not about things to wangle…

The rain has come to wash away all my tears
And I am happy that I am not alone…
I can’t believe that I am touched by an angel
It’s you who have driven me, to forget all my moans…

From the moment I fell down
I was waiting for a miracle; waiting for you…
In a hope that things will be fine and with every darkness and good time;
You’ll make me through…

See, I found a light in my self
And it seems I was blinded…
The new day has come, and with you
I am no more a self minded…


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