Deep Inside

Many years ago,

I dare to fight.

Not knowing the consequences,

but I fought hard only for that greatest light.

I fought bravely,

and I fought till my last breath.

The light was the only reason,

the only reason I kept in my heart’s depth.

Today I’ve found that greatest light,

And I’ve managed to keep it alive.

It’s inside me and inside every heart,

But still we’ve always kept it apart.

Let’s rejuvenate it in our life,

and in our hearts.

And come again to fight,

fight for that new start.

That light now enlightens me,

and enlighten my soul.

Still ahead there is left a lot of war,

But I am happy fighting for a good cause.

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
3 Responses to “Deep Inside”
  1. Nidhi Nigam says:

    nice lines…..

  2. NIshi Nigam says:

    gr8 words…..

  3. amrita singh says:

    good one brother…………

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