The Pain Of Separation – CH1 At The Airport

Every sign of being ruled by the confusion was there on her face and her glittering eyes were searching for someone in that throng. It was all messed up and the chaos was difficult to neglect.

With every moment passed, she was shrinking and weakness started to overtake her. It was all dark, even when lights of different shades were present and she was looking for him desperately. There at one end the arms of the clock were betraying her and with every move they made here precious drops lost their hold.  There was nobody concerned about her and they kept moving around at their own pace. Finally she lost herself and sat down needing a support. For that moment everything got jammed and silence emerged from every corner. She looked at the clock again and cried hard, realizing that it won’t be useful to wait any longer. But once again she was ruled by her feelings and it became difficult for her to move. Memories of all good and bad times ruled her soul and she cried harder. All she wanted was to see him again and tell him that she loves him. But it surely seemed that it was not her day of getting what she wishes for. It was late and the announcement for the flight stupefied her. She was to leave now but for every moment her eyes were still searching for him and they didn’t stop longing for him.

She lifted her bag up on her shoulder which were already burdened by the memories she shared with him and then trying to hide the tears she moved towards the gate where her flight had just arrive. Her steps were heavy but she still walks with her eyes on the ground. Only a step was needed for her to get inside the door when someone pulled her back and took her into his arms.

“Oh my God ! Its you, I thought I wouldn’t be able to meet you” She exclaimed.

“Nicol, how can it happen. I still love you” he said holding her tight into his big and brawny arms.

“I love you too James” She said and hugged him tightly.

“But what happened last night, couldn’t be ignored” She said, trying to step away from him.

“Yes it couldn’t be ignored and we should forget everything we ever shared” he said being rude and sad at the same time.

“Ok, we won’t meet again, we’ll never meet again” she said and ran towards the plane.

That is how that bond ended and a new chapter was to start after many years of togetherness. Still the memories were not  to leave them alone and every night they were to suffer the pain of separation.



4 Responses to “The Pain Of Separation – CH1 At The Airport”
  1. amrita singh says:

    i know the James and Nicol of this story …………..

  2. Namita says:

    humko bhi batao kaun hain ye james and nicol ……BTW i loved the story only till “hugged him tightly ……………. 🙂

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