Life is Yours and Only Yours to keep !

The night I fought with the winds,
tore my tears apart ,
chopped his feathers,
and extinguished the thirst from his broken wings.

I fought till the dawn,
felt the heart beats slowing down,
but kept it alive until the enemy was on the lam.

Was it the end or the start?
Did I fought well or ran away like a falling star?

When like the sleep, death met me,
I said “Not now !” “I can’t leave”.
Death smiled and stayed quiet.

He lost his patience,
and said “I didn’t want you to die”.
But someday you are going to be dead,
just hold your emotions and now you don’t cry.

Was it the end or the start?
A life after death or nothing at all.

Sleep took me into her arms,
It was cold but yet it was warm.

I opened my eyes after long hours
neither death was there nor the sleep
just the note on the table beside me
“Life is yours and only yours to keep”…



© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012

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