Love is in the air !

The more it seems close,
is the more it seems far.
Nothing can be different,
for being in love or at a war.

The selfless soul is what you appraise ,
as it’s the need to be in love.
Care and passion are the tools,
mend it or break it, there are no rules.

What you adore is all in the eyes,
some says a lot yet some just stays quiet.

Everyday there would be a new promise,
and to keep one ,there would be an another promise.
The series will go on,
if handled carefully it would definitely be an add-on.

Sex on the beach or the beach on the sex,
it doesn’t matter ,you ain’t Jonah Hex.
Ears listens to the poems and songs,
I am sure once you are in love, you would stand different in any throng.

The new wings of yours will fly you to crazy heights
don’t worry that’s the first lesson of that thunder night’s flight.
Your nose will play all kinds of tricks
the fragrance of her body will help you get rid of the crick.

Then at the night you would long to touch her
the windows by your bed might spy on you, oh Lover !
With the morning you might go crazy
But don’t hate the sun because he didn’t stole your dazy.

Wake up and get out of the bed
buy some chocolates and flower, don’t take rest.
It’s the big day, yes it is a big day
Just don’t speak rubbish, let your heart have its say.


© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
2 Responses to “Love is in the air !”
  1. Nidhi Nigam says:

    awesome loved ittt……!!!!

  2. NIshi Nigam says:


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