World as you see and as you seek (The mask of glass)














“The puzzled life full of confusion, scarcity of love , abundance of hate

and selfishness, dearth of colors and songs” . Is this true?

“The simple and straight life, where colors brightens your day, love is 

always around, laughter is a beautiful song.”  Is this true?

I’ve always wondered as how things can be so different even when they

come from the same thought and the same person.

Like I cannot understand this picture. Is the girl is happy or is she sad?. It’s complicated

and only she can answer it. For people like us , the observers we can only

misunderstand it. For the reality is hard to accept and understand.

Another example I have is below for which I couldn’t find the picture I had.

The Mask of Glass

The white rays coming out of the bulb fades around the corner or

on an invert the white rays coming out of the bulb illuminates around the

corner. It’s just the way i see it and I understand the phenomenon.

When I see it as a reflection on the glass I am resting on, I see that the white lights fades as it travel to the corner. The center is but obvious shinning but as the rays travel they fade.

So to understand the phenomenon I’ am trying not to blame on the rays or the bulb or the source, but the glass I see the reflection on.

On the other hand when I see this as a phenomenon with my own eyes. I see that the rays illuminates around the corner but just beneath the center they fades. So to blame on

something I might blame on anything because in this case I don’t know and I am not sure whom to blame. I cannot put this on my eyes and nor the source because it just illuminates

and doesn’t actually leads to fading.

Is it always the fault of the glass or the fault of the eyes?

I ‘m kind of confused about the answer I might have because I am not sure that even if I can decide about the fault of any one of them I won’t be able to really differentiate between the two.

The  light fades no matter what and that’s the uniqueness of this process, a nature of its own. For all valid reasons I’m in no place to blame or to find faults, but then the curious mind

is always restless.

It knows that there isn’t a fault of anyone or anything, it’s just a process but still if I compare it to the real world I might have to blame on something, it’s the glass that changes the description of the process. It can’t be the eyes as they see everything as equal but the extra cover of glass that filters the way or in real words masks the things I could see. For all these small examples , I know if we just remove these masks, these glasses and these unnecessary covers then we could see the true process and understand it perfectly.

But obviously you can’t expect ideal things to happen. Isn’t it?….

4 Responses to “World as you see and as you seek (The mask of glass)”
  1. amrita singh says:

    hmmmm i can relate it with many things………….

  2. NIdhi Nigam says:

    truth of life….. !!!!

  3. deAnna Couture:) says:

    ego’s to blame:) when we step out of our own way; the real beauty of spirit is set free:)
    A mindful, reflective life is one worth living!

    • akhandsi says:

      I agree with you Deanna
      the more we can see life past ego we can witness its true colors and taste the wonderful tastes.

      Spirit needs freedom and love it feeds and survives on it 🙂

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