The Girl with Pony-tail

Out of the window I watch,

people, cars, trees and the shops;

The wind fell fresh, it’s the first day,

eyes scratches the new faces , the twisted faces of clay;

Round and square and oval kind of shapes,

the perplexing expressions and the scented taste.

Time and time again it would stop,

a new face will now scratch the eyes club.

But then it stopped for a while,

out of the window I watch the girl;

The girl with sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile.

sooner she steps up on the bus

Her eyes steal my mind with an innocent touch.

She grabs the seat opposite to me,

felt like bus just grabbed her and hastily flee.

The pony-tail drew my attention,

if staring was a crime,

I would have thousands of life prison sentence.

Out of the window I watch no beauty and no innocence;

the girl with pony-tail ; spelled an irreversible enchantment.

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
5 Responses to “The Girl with Pony-tail”
  1. amrita singh says:

    i like it but some thing is missing…………i don’t know what

  2. Nidhi Nigam says:

    amazing…..filled me with lots of memories…..loved it….

  3. Shwetabh says:

    Awesome..great composition..!

  4. Kokila says:

    Well written as always Akhi. This is a really lovely composition….Keep up the great work 🙂

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