The Bass so broken, Guitar so shagged


Hey you, could you turn off the music?” she says,
I know I don’t care , at least not today,
The glass I hold, has its own convincing ways.

She shuts off the light, probably goes back to sleep,
This always irritates me, why wont she notice my effort?,
Am I too shallow or am I too deep?.

I throw away my glass…

Music turned into noise is the only chance i have,
My hands although shaken, wouldn’t mind the grasp,
The bass so broken, the guitar so shagged,
Yet the music plays as loud as her dad.

She is annoyed, I know she is,
Standing on the porch she stares at me,
Its exact and precise, just like the bite of a bee.

On the road I stand ,thinking how much did I have?,
One or ten glasses, I have no clue,
Is it a dream or am I walking while asleep?.

The knock on my door raises my heart beat,
I walk slowly, slowly to the knob,
With arms wide open she hugs me,
We kiss and smile ! smile and laugh.

With a pause when I open my eyes,
There stand two cops in front of me,
One like a giant ball the other like a monstrous tree.
“We need you to come with us sir” one of them says,
I turn around to check if she is still there,
A grin, a smile and a glow like winning a race.

I look on the ground, then to the sky,
Music goes wild and I sing loud,
The bass so broken, the guitar so shagged,
Yet the music plays as loud as her dad.

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
3 Responses to “The Bass so broken, Guitar so shagged”
  1. NIdhi Nigam says:

    its good too….but I think name of the poem should be something else in place of neighbors…

  2. Kokila says:

    Nicely done as usual Akhi!!! Keep on writing :))

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