For Few hours


Just woke up with the noise
the world seems to be dying
people are running away, its chaos

Trees are falling, cars are rolling
its Dec 21st 2012 isn’t it?

With a thought I try to grab what I would need
stop, am I insane? the world is dying
there wont be any place to where I could escape.
So why would I run and why would I steal?

I sit down, palms so sweaty and heart so heavy
world is really gonna die Isn’t it?
I am crying, tears roll out to the floor
the person drowning in my tears yells to me
what are you crying for? you fool !

I have no idea why I am crying
I ask the tears ” Do you know why I am crying?”
I ask the eyes ” Do you know why I am crying?”
nothing, no answer, they stare at me quietly.

I wonder if like the movie I would be one of few to survive,
but then I wonder would I be happy
or in the river of sorrows would I dive?

I stay still, mind out of the chaos
wondering whom I can call.
“you badly want to talk to someone” isn’t it
nodding to my mind “yes I do”
but wait you don’t talk to anyone anymore
remember your ego got you out of your relations.

With a shock I fall on the ground
countless tears roll down to my knees
I know I am alone
When the world is dying
I am still dying alone.

My heart speaks loud

“For few hours if I can still breath
I could try to mend the things I broke
Bow down to the true feelings
and could confess to every sin”

Something hits me hard
the roof falls on my head
I am dead. Dead like a stone.

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
3 Responses to “For Few hours”
  1. amrita singh says:

    written so well …………that i can imagine it

  2. deAnna Couture:) says:

    poignant creative, real, causes reader to think!!!! mission accomplished-
    Thanks for sharing:)

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