Chapter 2- Torn Shoes

Plain paper

Wearing torn shoes doesn’t make me poor, it only makes me feel being poor when I realize that I am wearing torn shoes.

Sleep doesn’t show any sign of its presence, it’s been three days in a row. Eyes accompanied by dark circles, lousy and swollen. Lips dry, cracked around the corners just like the cheeks, skin pale and dull, hair losing the shine. Wondering if I even took a shower or washed my face in last few days. I try getting out of the bed, but fell on the ground, realized that I haven’t had any food too. For few moments I kept my head down on my knees, trying so hard to stop my eyes from shedding any more drop of tears. Slowly I lift my head and try to seek some support from the chair lying on the carpet. I pull myself up and with some cracking…

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