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The Pain Of Separation – CH3 New Love?

“Here is your wine sir” waiter said.

James nodded and then took the bottle in his hands, opened it and poured into her glass and then into his own.  She kept staring at him, whatever he was doing was giving her a new kind of pleasure, she never felt this before, there was a spark in her eyes and softness was growing on her lips.

“Reena?” James asked

She came out of her thoughts and held the wine glass that James offered her. They knew, they knew it very well that more than the wine it was something else that made them high, the attraction was very strong, pulling them towards each other and they were unable to resist it.

“How is Nicol?” Reena asked all of sudden.

Like the black dense clouds appearing on the sunniest day, James’ face turned dull, the deep silence was portraying the emptiness in his heart and his life, and moreover it suggested to Reena that James was still in love with Nicol.  But she couldn’t stop herself from falling for this man she had craved for many months now and she knew it, she knew that she wanted it to happen, she wanted it badly. She held his hand and they searched each other’s eyes for an sign that would dissolve this emptiness and loneliness. At first James was reluctant but then he surrendered to the comfort, care and love on her eyes. But what about his love for Nicol?

Back in New York, Nicol was standing on the stage, people watching her and talking about her, she was nervous and her palms were sweaty. Where is James? Where is the only one person she has loved for so many years with patience and commitment? A thousand thoughts were killing her, in that crowd she was all alone still searching for those eyes that belong to her best friend and her lover. That man who she wants to be her life partner, her soul-mate. The host invited some celebrities on the stage to handover the award to her. She can’t move and she feels her legs so burdened and stuck to a rope that she can’t break. She is fighting with the thought that she almost forgot, she is alone and she doesn’t have her love with her anymore. Loneliness the one and only worst fear and worst death. Her heart beat raises to its extreme, her head is so heavy and she can feel everything revolving so freaking fast that her eyes can’t grab even a glimpse. Within seconds she faints, while she falls to the ground her head hits the stage hard, everyone around her begins to panic, and people already on the stage runs towards her.

“Ambulance, we need an ambulance” somebody screams.

Their dinner was almost over and then breaking the silence James suggested that it’s late and they should leave. A wonderful dinner it was for both of them, he enjoyed it but he knew that he cannot go on with this; his love for Nicol is too strong to allow him to get into a relationship with Reena.

Streets are empty, it’s late. As soon they reached James’s place Reena asked “Would you want to go for a walk?”

James stays quiet and only nods his head; his heart is still heavy, occupied with all the memories of Nicol. “James?” Reena grabs his hand while they walk on the street. She feels his hesitation and that he is not comfortable.

“James, I like you, you know that right?” she stops and looks into his eyes.

He looks away for a second and then looks into her eyes. She knows the answer, she knows it very well and she has known it since she met him. He tries to say something but before he could say anything his phone rings. He takes out the phone from the inner pocket of his jacket.

“Hello” he says.

“Am I talking to James?” a voice he never heard before.

“Yes, and who am I talking to?” he asks

“I am Officer Seth, I have bad news for you sir” he says.

“Bad news what is it?” he was more curious than shocked.

“It’s about Nicol” the officer says.

“What about her? Is she fine? Where is she?” James yelled into the phone as his heartbeat quickened.

“Sir, please take care of yourself, I am sorry to say that Nicol is no more with us” Officer Seth said

He drops the phone on the ground, he is shocked and his heart is unable to bear this, Reena is so concerned, she tries to hold him and asks what happened, who was on the phone. He can’t hear her, everything is so blurred for him, within seconds his heart is scrolling over the millions of memories he had with Nicol, and the love of his life is dead. He steps back and something hits him.

When he opens his eyes, he finds himself on the floor of his bedroom. His head hurts, drops of blood are on the floor, he remembers the phone call and the fact the Nicol is dead. Lifting himself up on the bed he was shocked but more than happy he could ever be it was just a dream that he had, he realizes that everything was just a bad dream. Nicol was sleeping on the bed; he jumps over her and kisses her, hugs her and grabs her into his arms. Nicol wide awake now doesn’t understand what happened and what’s going on.

“It’s alright I forgive you “she says after a while.

“I am so sorry baby, I promise I won’t fight with you, never ever will I fight with you, Don’t leave me please don’t leave me” he keeps repeating it, tears from his eyes rolls over to his cheeks and touched Nicol’s face.

She has no idea what’s going on but she knows the fight is over; she grabs him as well and wipes out his tears. It’s alright baby I love you, I am here and I am always here with you. She kisses him and then he kisses her and again and again they kiss each other. It’s almost dawn, the beginning of another chapter of their relation, because now he knows what she means for him, he knows that life without her would be miserable, he knows that he loves her and this is the love that grew as they did. Seven long years of their relationship had passed with a promise of thousands more to come.

The end…

Well if you think this is an end then you are wrong, because in true love there is no end… happy loving 🙂


9 Responses to “THE PAIN OF SEPARATION – CH 4 The End”
  1. Aishwarya says:

    Awesome.. Great ending.. 😃

  2. soumyav says:

    I haven’t read the starting ones..but this one is perfect and it say a lot.

  3. Namita says:

    Oh i read the firs part and thought that its kind of a sad story……………later realized ma mistake……………….GREAT WORK………………now i will be regular reader of your stories…………. 🙂

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