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The Pain of Separation – CH2 The Pain

“Morning James”

“Reena, oh my God it’s you” he busted

“Wow, you remember my voice so good” she exclaimed.

“Reena I’m sorry for what happened last night” he uttered, the heaviness in his voice was obvious.

“Oh come ‘on it happens, you were drunk anyway and I’m sure you would have taken care of me the same way” she said.

Did it really happen? He smells his body, his shirt and then stares at the bed.

Nothing! It was a dream I guess, but it felt so real. His eyes were calm, heart was coming back to its normal beats and the heaviness in his voice was vanishing.

“James?”She said.

“I know you love Nicol” she said, He kept quiet and his silence indicated that he cannot talk about her. Reena kind of understood his silence and changed the topic.

“What are you doing this evening, not drinking again are you?” she smiles.

“Let’s meet tonight for dinner” she suggested.

“Yes sure it will be great; I’ll pick you up at 7” he said.

On the other side in New York City Nicol was presenting her collections at the National Exhibition and celebrities from all over the country participated and mostly loved her designs. That night she was honored for her designs with the national award. The shining stage at the Exhibition made her only look more beautiful. The pearl necklace James gave her on her birthday when they were in college was still the lucky charm for her. The red dress she wore added a exquisite glow to her beautiful skin, her hair was curled up but a few of them still touched her cheeks.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now I call upon the stage a great and enthusiastic fashion designer- Nicol Sinclair”

Nicol went to the stage, she stepped up and with every step she felt her heart started beating faster, soon the happiness got trapped with her nervousness. She started shivering and something strange occupied her, it was the large auditorium occupied by a gathering of famous people known for their extraordinary work. She was always afraid of standing on a stage where she can notice people watching her and talking about her, it just always got her nervous but then James was there, as she used to look into his eyes, the confidence and love she could feel would always boost her up and she could manage to steal the stage.

“Nicol Sinclair, ladies and gentlemen” the host announced it once again helping her to come back to the present from her reminiscing memories.

Nicol climbed up to the center of the stage.

On the other hand James hurried up remembering that he has a date tonight. It was already 6 in the evening and the clock was ticking. He wore his favorite attire, and everything else to impress Reena. Everything was set for a perfect date, he was happy after a long time and they were getting closer. Grande was the best place Reena knew where she could plan her date and a perfect night with James. She had liked James since their very first meeting, and from then she has waited for this very moment. The Grande was covered in beautiful glass work and had the perfect ambiance for two persons in love and moreover for two person to fall in love.

“What would you like to have sir?” Waiter asked.

“One Spink wine and two sushi” James ordered.

“You look gorgeous Reena” He said, as soon as the waiter left them all alone.

Reena just smiled.

For the moment they were looking at each other, the eyes were still and something different was going on. The chemical reaction was triggered in their hearts and their face was turning red. Were they falling in love? Can James fall for Reena? Can he stop loving Nicol?

Could this be the beginning of a new love?


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