Heart of Women – A song

If only the tear could define,

The heart of a woman, mysterious yet uncurled.

It would sing the song of endurance,

And dance in the rain of new born joy.

It would strive to be independent and strong

Yet step by step climb up the compromises throng.

Like the one girl it would always be,

It would be afraid of tiniest little creatures.

Yet the bravest of all,

For a loved one it would gladly take a fall.

If only the smile could define

The heart of a woman, mysterious yet uncurled.

Her eyes would speak a thousand words

Earrings would endure and listen to all.

Heart of a woman – for few words I might utter, for few expressions I might carry and for few desires I might hide, I can’t describe it, and nobody can describe it. It’s strong as earth, vast like the sky, deep like the ocean and pleasing like the wind”

© Akhand Singh, 2012 © An Empty Glass, 2012
5 Responses to “Heart of Women – A song”
  1. Nidhi Nigam says:

    i like it…….but i think some more areas should be covered….otherwise good effort as always……

  2. You have an impeccable way of stringing words together Akhi….Keep pursuing your writing ~ It can only get better 😀

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