Crush Like Love : Prologue

Did he ever love her? Or does he just like her? Just like he thinks he liked everyone else in the past. Sitting on the porch he has thought about this for hours now.  He didn’t even realize when the day-light ran to hide and night started seeking it. It’s cold but he doesn’t want to move, he doesn’t want to call her or answer her calls. He has never been this confused before.  There is a very strong feeling in his heart for her, he knows it, he has seen how much he cares for her but will she ever understand what he holds in his heart for others?

Can she actually see past this and give them the chance they deserve.

“Love is the stupidest thing that can ever happen to someone” he always believed this. But did he just fall in love or he has fallen slowly with the last few years? Or did he already fall and was just realizing it only now, when the memories of all his past crushes and relationships are hitting him.

How can he be confused at this point of life?

“Can he love more than one person at the same time and can he love them equally?”

How can he be ready to accept the thought that he never believed in? Was he changing? Was it love that was changing him? With so many questions on his mind he was also burdened to find the answers. This was of the utmost urgency for the fate of his current relationship depends on it.




For more please follow the “Crush like Love” series on An Empty Glass



4 Responses to “Crush Like Love : Prologue”
  1. nishi says:

    ohhkkk… you were talking abt dis one na…

  2. Phuc Nguyen says:

    this is good 2 even though i have no clue what is that u r talking about lol

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