Crush Like Love : CH 2 – Teacher’s Daughter


Night seems so long, he decides to get a coffee. While he walks to the kitchen he smiles on how stupid and ignorant he was when he was a kid. Pouring the coffee into his mug he walks back to the porch. He looks down to the ground; the height is too much to scare him. Seventeenth floor was only what he got when he came to DC, pictures of the moment when he jumped in through the porch hits his mind, he laughs. Moment later he puts the coffee mug on the floor and hangs his leg passing between the boundaries of the porch. His legs feel so fresh, the blood rushes to the toes and he enjoys the feeling. He grabs the mug again and takes a sip, as the coffee enters his stomach; the taste on his tongue reminds him of the coffee he gulped for the first time when he was out on a date with Jennifer. He remembers her, remembers the way she was looking at him and how she was trying to hide the fact that he was nervous. The noise of his laughter wakes up the neighbors upstairs and they ask to keep it low.

“Sorry” he says and continues gulping his coffee.

David was already late for his physics tuition when it started raining.
“Damn this rain” he cursed.

He stopped for a while under a shade of a restaurant nearby but soon was on the road again, not caring for the rain; he didn’t want to be late. Moment later he knocks on the door. As the door open his mouth fall open,
“Jennifer?” he thinks. “What is she doing here?”
He scrolls his eyes on her; she wore black tees and black shorts enough to get any guys attention, black hair, attractive eyes, a gold pendant, gold earrings, oval-shaped lips and cuteness on the face. She scrolls her eyes on him, wet long hair, drenched T-shirt fitting to the shoulders, brown eyes, and silver bracelet on the right hand, threaded necklace, and coyness on the eyes. They almost stared each other for few seconds and then all of sudden Jennifer ran inside.

David stood at the door, confused what just happened. “Why did she run inside?”
He choked on his own saliva and stood there for a while, it was few minutes nobody showed up so he decided to get inside the house. But then he stopped realizing that he was drenched and might ruin the carpet. In a while Jennifer came outside all dressed up and with a towel in her hand.

“Why are you still standing out?” she asked. Judging from David’s expressions she realized it was a stupid question.

“Dry yourself” she smiled and gave the towel to David. He stood straight and didn’t say anything, quietly grabbed the towel.

While he towel off his hair, Jennifer stood watching him. “Can I come in now?” he asked.

She showed him where he should sit and so he grabbed the chair. She ran inside again. Moments later Mrs. D’Souza came out and met David, asked him about his brother who was a student of hers. Talked about his marks on 10 th board, luckily other people came and so that was it for the introduction. David was relieved although he didn’t like that introduction at all yet he felt Mrs. D’Souza was a nice woman. The class started after a brief introduction from everyone and after Jennifer jumped in. The look from Mrs. D’Souza surely suggested that she was pissed off because Jennifer joined them a little late, she grabbed the chair next to David and accidentally her hand touched his. He was in a state of shock, first time some strange girl touched him. Something hit him hard that day, an attraction that he could surely feel.


He still misses her and is wondering if he should call her or not. In a spur of a moment he grabs the cell and dials her number. On the second ring he heard he just cancels the call, realizing that he shouldn’t call her. His coffee is almost cold but he doesn’t want to get up again. The view is so romantic; the night although dark is still slight reddish. He remembers that it was forecasted to be a hurricane in near future.


It was almost the same kind of weather that day, sky was reddish and David asked her out.  She was unsure about going out at first but then she agreed. He took her to Abha shop where they ordered just a coffee. “Coffee date?” he thought. She was looking into his eyes and he stared at hers. Deep inside he knew he already feel for her; it was more than an attraction now, he could feel the same on her eyes. For the very first time somebody’s heart was so transparent to him.  David had never been in any situation like this before; this was his first date ever. He was so nervous and afraid that he would screw up his date that he wasn’t even trying to be himself that day until Jennifer slipped her hand into his and said “Thank you for bringing me here”. He just smiled and looked into her eyes. After few hours he dropped her back at her home and then he came back to his. The night seemed long and sleep kept hiding under his bed.

With time that passed they became friends and one day with the help of a best friend of course they ended up being in a relationship.


He finally decides to get another cup of coffee and comes back to the kitchen, but sooner he changes his mind and thinks a beer is what he actually needs. He throws the cup in the sink and grabs a bottle from the refrigerator. Slowly he walks to the porch again and grabs a chair this time.  Sky is still reddish, but it already started raining, the prediction for hurricane was early morning, everybody gathered almost everything they could have to survive, he just didn’t care anymore. The memories of past have already occupied his mind.


He never noticed a girl like this before, feelings apart there was this want of touching her that was strange to him, it was fresh and inexperienced. He sat around her just like any other normal day but it wasn’t just a usual day after all, that was the day Jennifer touched him like a girlfriend for the first time. Under the table Jennifer was scratching his legs when her mom was actually teaching, scared like hell yet David couldn’t resist enjoying the moves. Later after the class, everybody left and he grabbed her hand, pulled her towards the garage and kissed her. At first Jennifer resisted but then the lips were locked for few seconds, breaking the joint they looked into each other eyes and within another few seconds there lips were locked again. He knew that it was more than an attraction now; he cared for her like he might have never cared for anybody before.

Everything was fine for that year and then things started to change, Jennifer became unsure about the future with David, and she started feeling that as they would grow up it would become more difficult to keep the relationship. She wanted to get out of it, unsure about what she felt for David, she decided to move on and that called for a breakup.

The very same year David entered college, high school was over and as it seemed after his first ever breakup, he was stronger and determined towards his life. He felt that he wasted a lot of his time on Jennifer, he felt that he could have done well in his school, might have spent more time with his friends but it was a total waste of time with Jennifer. As the teenager was growing up and marching towards adulthood, he created a brick wall and then climbed it leaving behind what he held for Jennifer in search of something new perhaps.

He thought that he would start a new life; college might be that new opportunity he seeks for, what he didn’t realize was that he already had a very strong feeling for Jennifer that wasn’t going to fade away for a very long time.


He sits on the porch for another hour until it starts raining heavily and until he can see the storm coming. Later he decides to come inside and sit on the couch, may be watch TV or something. The memories still knocks on his mind and with that heaviness he comes inside.


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8 Responses to “Crush Like Love : CH 2 – Teacher’s Daughter”
  1. aishwarya kaushal says:

    omg.. awesome… 🙂

  2. Nishi Nigam says:

    again…. gr8 one.. 🙂

  3. Nidhi Nigam says:

    good work….!!!! complete the next chapter soon……… 🙂

  4. Namita says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm INteresting…………………… are TOO GOOD with EXPRESSING the FEELINGS through words………………………LOved it

  5. Phuc Nguyen says:

    good job! i enjoyed reading and yeah man u r talented!!!

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