Face of Stranger : Chapter 1 -The Face


I met her while I was flying from Berlin to London, the stranger with a face. She saw me the very moment I boarded the plane and walked down the aisle towards my seat. I sat next to her; no matter how hard I tried, I could not resist noticing the pretty face.

I smiled and said hello to her

“Hello” she replied with a smile as well.

My eyes were stuck on her; every adjustment she was making to sit comfortably on the seat was obviously seeking my attention.

“Do you need my pillow?” I asked her noticing that she was trying to find something to support her back.

She nodded yes and said, “thanks, you are so sweet”

My eyes were sparking, cheeks were red and I could not hide the blush on my face. She was definitely holding a strong eye on me.

Later with the snack, I asked for a wine for myself and then I looked at her, how could I miss a chance? I thought, so I asked, “Would you like to have some wine?”

She smiled and nodded “yes”

We drank and drank until I started feeling little high and when I guessed she was high too, “I am sleepy,” I said. She looked at me “seriously, you get a girl drunk just to sleep?” she laughed

“Well I mm” I didn’t knew what to say, I never had any intention to get her or myself drunk, I was just enjoying the opportunity given to me.

She slipped her hands on mine, then the head on my shoulder, the warmth of her breath aroused me, and I felt so touched after so long.  In few moments, sleep acquired my dreams.

With the voice of air-hostess, I woke up. “We are about to land sir” she said. I tried to open my eyes but the hangover was definitely kicking me now, eyes were heavy just as the head.

“Can I have a bottle of water?” I asked her. “Sure, I will be right back” she said and left.

I looked around and then beside me, she was still sleeping with her eyes cover hanging down to the neck. “Is that mine?” I thought. I checked my neck and there it was same color, same texture, same brand and hanging in the same manner.

“Wake up” I said pushing her hand gently. She wakes up; with the big eyes, she looks at me. Her smile carves my heart with enthusiasm and makes me feel the lost love, experience the lost happiness and breath.

Later she holds my hand tight, nervousness and fear on the same time I guess when the plane lands. May be it could have been the fear of separation, I didn’t care about what exactly it was but the feeling of holding hands was making me happy. After the plane landed, we walked to the terminal together; I helped her carry her luggage. “I have to use the restroom,” I said.

“Ok, I’ll wait here” she smiled.

I went in and walked to the fountain, took some water on my hand and splashed it to my face. Just when I raised my head, I saw her standing beside me. “What are you doing in a men’s toilet?” I busted

She kept quiet.

“What are you doing here? “I asked again.

She kept quiet.

“Whom you talking to?” the Janitor asked.

“What you mean,” I turned towards him and said “I am talking to her” I turned back and found nobody. I stood there shocked and then ran outside, I could not find her, and she was not there.

Janitor confused and worried about me came running outside after me “Are you ok sir?”

“Did you see her leaving?” I turned around and busted.

“You were talking to nobody sir, I didn’t see any lady,” he said.

Confused, worried and shocked, I walk towards the exit, thinking if I really was imagining everything and imagining her.

To be continued …





6 Responses to “Face of Stranger : Chapter 1 -The Face”
  1. Nidhi says:

    Its good……I really want to read the next part….I am expecting it to be here soon…. 😀

  2. Phuc Nguyen says:

    very good!! good job man,u better be writing the second part now coz i’m not a patience person @ all. lol

  3. Namita says:

    THIS IS NOT FAIR…………………….where is the next PART…………………….. wanna read now …………. 😛

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