When Heart Pops Out

Few Conversations pops your heart out and so here is the one that grabs my attention. Innocence and desperation plays hide and seek; love knocks on the door like never before. The eagerness to express holds me tight into the arms.

2:12 PM boy: 
good night , sleep tight , sooner or later, you would find the right
knight 🙂

2:13 PM girl: 
maybe I had him and the time just was not right…maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but the memories of that knight will surely last a lifetime in the heart of this lady: P

2:13 PM boy: 
:))) It’s always right for what you find, heart lies where the wind rhymes

2:14 PM boy: 
if it doesn’t rhyme then love is a crime 🙂

2:16 PM girl: 
Love isn’t a crime, but with the bustle of daily life, the broken heart mends by finding another heart, but never is the place of that knight ever replaced….Love isn’t a crime but if losing that knight and loving again is a crime…..it must have been a crime of horrendous measure for the time the lady spent with her knight….but never will that lady regret those precious moments….they were unforgettable nights with an irreplaceable knight

2:23 PM boy: 
🙂 Knight knows, he listens to his lady’s heartbeat when the moon becomes the sun he hides in the corner, the corner nobody ever has seen but love is not a crime its passionate enough to climb the mountains the trees and even the skies, so when the time would be right knight would be right there , yours side by side
2:42 PM girl: 
the lady waits….with each beat of her heart she only yearns for him more….the days, months, and years have seemingly been far too long since she saw his face. That amazing smile that always made her day seem perfect, the way he knew just the right words to say to make the wrong seem right.
When she asked, when will I see my knight….Be patient dear child the moon replied….for as you yearn for him it is no doubt that his heart beats as much for you….so be patient dear child for as the clock ticks and the seconds pass by..the time draws nearer for you to see your knight <;3
2:48 PM boy: 
🙂 <;3 can’t love it more then not love it more and more:) Moon talked to the sun and with the day sun told the knight, it’s not the night you miss dear friend, it’s not sleeping together you miss my dear friend. Ask you heart and close your eyes for the love you hold is never been this right 🙂 holding hands and sitting together is what you picture isn’t it? So time would bring you close again, the distance would seem mere a fiction, the love is pure and heart is bright. let it snow until there is light. let it rain until its clear in the sky.

2:52 PM girl:
and so the lady waits patiently….she watches as the sun rises and sets, she looks at the stars knowing that even though her knight may be 10,000 miles away he too will see the same stars at knight. Yes it is the moments of holding hands, of staring into each others eyes….the comfort of knowing that he was right there that she misses more than anything…Yet as the tears stream down her face she knows that when the time is right…she will see her knight again, it may not be tonight or tomorrow, or even a night many months away…but as the snow falls and melts away, as the flowers bloom in spring and progress to the bright sunny days of fun and frolic in the summer….as the golden yellow and red leaves fall during autumn and the seasons go on….she will patiently wait for that fateful day when the time is right. <;3

2:54 PM boy: 
:)) sleep my lady for i ll see you soon, patience would be answered like a flower blooms 🙂 for now I would ask your permission to leave. Journey is long and the horse needs to feed 🙂

2:56 PM girl: that was fun 🙂

2:57 PM boy: ya 🙂 we should do this often 🙂

2:58 PM girl: i give you permission to leave dear knight….lest you don’t get the time to feed the horse before you begin your journey again
i bid you good night and farewell for now…:P

3:00 PM boy: :)) good night sweet dreams


One Response to “When Heart Pops Out”
  1. Love it 🙂 Your writing just gets better and so much more soulful and hits straight to the heart Akhi 🙂 Keep it up!!! xoxo

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