In the courtyard I saw the sun setting down

“Are you tired?” I asked

No sign was made, there wasn’t a response.

“I guess you are just running away” I said

He just looked at me, like I am some stupid boy.

“What about a dying man then? are you dying?” I asked

He stared with the huge red eyes.

“You must be sick then?” I asked

He groaned and looked at me

“I am sad” he says

“Sad, why would you be sad?” I asked

After a long silence he says “I am sad because this isn’t the purpose I was born for”

“What do you mean?” I ask

He sings:

I wasn’t supposed to see this misery of life,

I wasn’t supposed to see all the hideous crimes,

I was born to provide the light

Let the world rise and shine.

God gave me strength to provide the same

Now as the world dies, it all seems fading in vain

I wasn’t supposed to see this misery of life.

I rhyme:

Stop crying you old man,

The world isn’t rainbow and sunshine,

Misery is everywhere rooted in our eyes,

Yet the love is what we need to survive.

Stop crying and show me yours charming smile

Look into my eyes do you see the hatred of life?

So do your job and give us the light

Because if you puss out, there is no rainbow and no sunshine.


© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013
2 Responses to “SunShine”
  1. surejukrish says:

    beautiful play of words!!!loved it!

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