First Kiss

He held her on his arms, she shook with fear that she might not be able to control her feelings and would surrender, slowly as he looked into her eyes, the love spoke and sang like a Nightingale. Her eyes were trying to run away and hide but he had a grasp on them, they couldn’t move even when they were trying so hard. There was something about this very moment that she has waited for long and now when it was the time when they were so close and there was nobody to disturb she had doubts and fear about doing it.

“What if I get pregnant?” she asks

He smiles and assures “you wont get pregnant”

“How can you be so sure about this” She asks, innocence floating on her eyes, promising the very love she held for him yet the fear of unseen future peaking from the corner.

He smiles and places his hands on her shoulder, the weight raises her heart beat and she feels strange like she never did before. To hide the nervousness she looks around and her eyes gets fixed on the wall clock, her mind unstinting counts the ticks that the clock makes while he still looks at her. She thinks about the moment she first met him, it was hilarious the way she bumped on him at the public library. He looked at her and smiled just like today and she knew she had lost her heart at that very smile of his. And then they became friends after a number of encounters on the same place, initially they discussed books, then favorite poems and stories and then personal life and later they discussed everything. Sooner the friendship became to develop into something more, likeness was not just mere words anymore but it was growing up as love.

“What is it?” He asks

“Nothing, I am scared” she whispers

“Don’t be scared” He says and slides his fingers on her neck.

She keeps thinking about it, about how they fell in love. She remembers the moment when he proposed her, she knew that wasn’t an attraction any more but she never expected that he would confess his feelings for her and that he would fall in love with her. With the tick of clock, her heart was roaming on the streets of past. It was raining when he came to see her that day, all soaked he was shivering with cold but yet he stood at the door with amazing passion and a red rose in his hand. He came to his knees and sang the song of love. She couldn’t stop the tears rolling down, nobody ever did something like this for her. They hugged and stood at the door for minutes.

His fingers slips on her lips and she comes back to present with the sensation.

“I love you so much” She says

He smiles and says ” I love you more”

“No I love you more” He laugh

“I love you more and more” She smiles and they both laugh until she kisses him and love blossoms with passion into the air.

photo 1


She always remembered the first kiss even when they fought on small things and broke up, that is something you remember no matter what because that seems to be the first step you take to discover love.


~ An Empty Glass


5 Responses to “First Kiss”
  1. Nidhi says:

    simply amazing…!!!!

  2. joanna says:

    Loved it 🙂

  3. Suvigya says:

    too gud akhand its terrific

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