Love in the Air

Their eyes smiled for first time,

As in the cupid just passed by.

Lips closed and opened to see the faces,

Just as ears smelled the love’s psyche.

Nose heard the melodies of Shakespeare,

Just as cheeks tasted the freshly brewed beer.

Hair waived and grabbed the cupid,

Just as the tongue earned the title of stupid.

Feet waived like the ocean,

Just as heart surfed with an unstable motion.

Mind was beating like Moon’s drum band,

Just as fingers sensed and marched on sand.

Eyebrows sang the song of love,

Just as eyelashes showed the dimple of curve.

Blood tapped on the dance floor,

Just as love grabbed the soul yet needed some more.

© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013
One Response to “Love in the Air”
  1. Nidhi says:

    Nice one… 🙂

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