Songs from East

Songs that traveled from east to west

Carried the love and message for the nest

Let them be heard and embraced

Maybe they were not here for another race.


Songs that traveled from east to west

Carries a knowledge none the less

Let that be shared and acknowledged

Because that will always be less in your valet.


Songs that traveled from east to west

Carries a new culture from their nest

Let it be seen as equal and learn from it

Maybe that is the place where you would eventually fit.


We come in peace and we come with love

Eyes full of dreams yet heart full of fear

Let’s live together and build it from the ground

Where I isn’t a king and you don’t wear a crown


For one day this world would be a better place

Where songs would not be of a region or a race

They would raise the colorful heart beat

And I am sure; you and I together would tap our feet.


© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013

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