I died again

And I died again in cold blood,

Slowly again I spilled my gut.

I fought for what I felt was right,

But look at where I am now,

Ears, head, legs and arms spread so wide.


It’s been sixty times that I died,

Since more than a decade I only bled and cried.

Where is the life that was promised?

Was the fight for freedom, just a lie?


Torned and wrecked I struggle to walk,

And when I look at the future, it’s just all dark.

But wait I still see the light,

The youth fighting for justice and for me to survive.


May be I would be free one day,

But freedom would not be the only mate.

Life would flourish and life would grow,

Together we would climb and our boat would itself row.



“Embrace and nurture your country and the world.  Let’s flourish together and see a new life born”



© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013
3 Responses to “I died again”
  1. surya says:

    very nice lines…

  2. joanna says:

    really nice 🙂

    Something which i truly need 🙂

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