Long Distance Relationships

Well it’s too long for me to be in a long distance relationship, am I talking about love? Well may be. I have always wondered how heart can prolong the feeling of care and love for this long. How the one thing that ignites the passion survives the vicissitudes of time, how it fights for something that it can’t even see and can’t even touch. How exactly it works? The question circles my mind again and again, and it digs every rock on my brain to get the diamond out of the chest.

But somewhere I know I never needed any of the searches, somewhere deep inside I know I don’t need any digging. The jewel is in my heart not the mind. It shines the same way as it did first when I was born although with time it was polished and made better. Love, relationship, friendship, brotherhood and family, we know everything have its own place, nothing really changes with life even when we start blaming each other for the sadness or the happiness of our own life. The feelings stay the same throughout and they grow old as we do, sometimes we just lock them and throw away the key so we don’t meet them often, but they never vanish not even when we try so desperately hard.

You see heart was made like that; the sole purpose was to keep you alive not just by pumping the blood but by extracting all the locked feelings from your mind, by letting you feel. It encouraged us to live and love time by time and even with the ages, with the wrinkles that grow on our face, it still encourages you to love and to feel.

Let me tell you something, once upon a time I loved a girl, I guess I was too young, did I actually love her is still a question but not an important one. The importance is of the fact that I still have those memories, I still have that feeling. My heart extracts them for me; it gives me the pleasure of knowing that I was always capable of loving. Time did change things and even when I can’t see her, haven’t seen her from a long time and I don’t know what she is doing now, I still know that the one thing that I felt years ago for her, resides somewhere on my mind and my heart preserves it even when I might wish not to.

It’s like the friends that I made when I turned fifteen, the two guys who changed my life for good and stood as brothers for me, we haven’t actually spent a lot of time together, but it never mattered because somewhere the heart always knew that the bonding was always there from time to time. I guess that is when I actually learnt about long distance relationship, I grew old but the heart stay young, today it brings me back the memories of even the shortest moment the three of us spent together. It thrills me to realize that really in last decade of friendship we might just have spent a total of few months together but then what is it that binds us even when the distance scaled from a few miles to few hundred thousand and to a life time.

I guess that is when I get the answer as my mind tells me about my strong heart. It speaks to me about the memories, about love and care we held for each other when we were young, it tells me that it’s been preserving these throughout and with time nothing actually rusted, but became strong. I agree the feelings might have been young and naïve when we first met, but the heart preserved it and finally it grew strong just for the moments when you need them most.

People say Long distance doesn’t work, I say they are wrong. Willingly or unwillingly you have always had a long distance relationship with someone that you may or may not even recognize today. See that is why the heart was born, to hold everything together at the very core and bind it with time and your actions.

Love is and always had been the only key for prosperity and a happy life. Don’t stop loving no matter what you do and what you go through in life, it will always bring you back to the righteous self.

~ An Empty Glass.

8 Responses to “Long Distance Relationships”
  1. surejukrish says:

    so much of purity in these words……absolutely loved it!

    • akhandsi says:

      Thanks 🙂 please keep reading comments like this motivates me to write

      • surejukrish says:

        definitely! i always feel connected with many of your posts…please keep writing more on relationships and friendships…you know the beautiful way of portraying human emotions!! i know it comes from deep within your heart and the difficult times you have faced…but you are a true gifted person!!

      • akhandsi says:

        Thanks a lot for such nice words 🙂 i ll keep on writing 🙂

  2. Swapnil says:

    thats really good Akhand well done keep writing….

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