Hell And Heaven

As I draw the last breath

I imbalance the scales of my good and bad deeds

The thought walks up to my chest

“Am I going to hell or am I going to heaven?”


I dive down six feet under

The fear of fiery hell sweats me out

Skin burns and rotten

The cell breaks and the blood dry

As the demon strips me, loud I scream and loud I cry.


Suddenly something pulls me up

I turn around to see the halo

The light emanating from its head

Wings arced high above its gracious chest

As the angel flies me high, loud I scream and loud I cry.


As the Scales of my deeds, inclines to left

I slip from the angel’s grip

But then scales of my deeds, inclines to right

And I slip from the demon’s grip.


“Do I have a choice?” I yell as the god sons stares at me

“Leave me alone” I shout “I don’t want to leave my home” I cry

The creatures with huge arced wings, simply stands and pry


© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013

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