Hell And Heaven

As I draw the last breath

I imbalance the scales of my good and bad deeds

The thought walks up to my chest

“Am I going to hell or am I going to heaven?”


I dive down six feet under

The fear of fiery hell sweats me out

Skin burns and rotten

The cell breaks and the blood dry

As the demon strips me, loud I scream and loud I cry.


Suddenly something pulls me up

I turn around to see the halo

The light emanating from its head

Wings arced high above its gracious chest

As the angel flies me high, loud I scream and loud I cry.


As the Scales of my deeds, inclines to left

I slip from the angel’s grip

But then scales of my deeds, inclines to right

And I slip from the demon’s grip.


“Do I have a choice?” I yell as the god sons stares at me

“Leave me alone” I shout “I don’t want to leave my home” I cry

The creatures with huge arced wings, simply stands and pry


I always wonder what would be the life after death, hearing this for what seems a thousands of years now that good deeds takes to heaven and bad takes you to hell. I am not sure if it really works that way. For what good and bad you do here you get a life accordingly. There is no place like hell or heaven, this is it what we have, and this is it where we are now. Nobody is going anywhere after they die.


~An Empty Glass


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