B +ve

Did you just gotta beat down?

The man asks, as the boy crawls on the ground

Sluggish, tired and bloody

Nose red, eyes black and scratches on the cheeks

The boy looks up and stares

Then with a pause he says

I am not strong, I can’t take this.

Really? You would quit?

The man exclaims

The boy looks down, blood on the ground

Jaws losing the hold, scars on the face scroll

I am not strong, I can’t take this, he says again.

The man walks up to the boy

Strips his shirt and shows the scars

Deep cuts on  the soul

Heart plucked out of the chest

And wounds of thousands carrots

You can get through this, he says

How can I do that? The boy asks

Eyes wide-spread and surprised and shocked

The man uses his fingers and draws on the ground

The secret to carry on and a cavalry to fight

The sign of strength and song of rights

B +ve

© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013
2 Responses to “B +ve”
  1. dheerajsah says:

    Nice.. keep em’ coming..

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