Tearing the waves

Tearing the waves and passing right through them brings a smile and then forces jaws to stress on each other. Right there into the left of mind the scream penetrates through the cracks of giant wall of fear that has held up since decades.

As the wave hits straight on the chest the pain walks up and floats at the surface.  Eyes stay wide open and look for the path made by the jet ski of fellow rider. Then it contracts to the very core finding that he fell off into the ocean; search begins as the sweat of fear rolls on the cheeks, and then head turns round and round to figure out where he is?.

Deep blue-green ocean with waves so high shouts and yells “get out from here” and “stay away” but the contracted eyes slowly expands with a determination finding the fellow rider, at this moment of time the wall of fear that stood for so long breaks down into pieces and eyes search continuously for the fallen friend. Without the fear life just seems focused and determined, the young heart sees through the reefy ocean like it uses an x-ray vision.

“Here he is” heart screams with joy, an overwhelming emotion grabs him so tight that for a second it seems difficult to breathe, but the very next moment all reservoirs of limited breath breaks and like a stream it breathes.

This is an idea for a short story - a random scribbling", if you think you would like to read more , please leave some feed-backs, I can work on it.

~ An Empty Glass

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