Vicissitude of our Ideals

I agree that today I might not believe in what I used to when I was a kid, and I also agree that change being the one of the powerful and strongest element in human life grabs you by neck sometimes. But can it mean that you experience vicissitude of beliefs? Can it mean that you can experience vicissitude of character?

I don’t have a right or a wrong answer for this but the one that clings through my heart and sings to me the songs of characters and ideals.

Change is good, but change of beliefs for comfort is not what I support, neither have I supported the adamant traditional views that bereft you of your free will. What do you have? What is that something that differentiate you from the world? The answer is free will, it’s not a technology that you can adapt to nor a pill you can gulp, it’s a tool, the one and only precious tool that helps you walk over the scariest roads, shows you the light in dark and makes a way for you to survive.

I have seen people teaching and talking about “Strong characters, ideals, principles, justice, and harmony” but when the course of tide is against them, the wall of beliefs breaks down, strong character hides into the closet, ideals collapses, principles tear down into the pants, justice runs away saving its own life and harmony seems to be the last thing that comes to mind.

“ Their morals, their code, it all a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. When the chips are down, the so called civilized people, they’ll eat each other” ~ Dark Knight (Joker’s and Batman’s Conversation )

Is it really that tough?

Is it really that tough to stand for what you always taught?

Is it really that tough to set an example?

Why the vicissitudes of your own beliefs?

Then I ponder about it, fear is a reason that drives you to go wayward from your own beliefs and do what you would never do. But isn’t that is seen like a sign of weak character?

I have seen many ideals falling, their beliefs changing with time just for comfort and to find a place in the society.

“Love all, be a nice human” changes to “Don’t play with them, they do not belong to our culture” changes to “Love people only of our caste and culture” changes to “Don’t get married out of your culture” and many more…

My question here is: does your culture teaches you to breathe differently? Does it tell you not to love your family? Does it tell you not to eat from mouth? Does it?

People say “Why us be the outcast?” I stand with silence, thinking what is the one thing that really matters here? Being an outcast or being right (in your eyes). Isn’t life about standing for what you believe, so what if you become an outcast? does it really matters?, I guess everybody is already an outcast, for no matter what you chose, your choice would act differently for yourself and you might find yourself not being the part of the virtual society that only exists  in your head.

Just because the tide of fortune or time is against you, don’t play with your ideals and don’t fuck up with your beliefs. For a strong heart is worth million times more than a heart that hides, floats and dives into comfort zone just when the time comes to stand and fight.

 Face it and be proud of yourself. Stand for your belief for if you don’t you have already lost the battle of honor and a chance to claim your rightful place in the real society.

~ An Empty Glass

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