Green Sticker – CH1- The Bed and The Coffee

Threads of few dreams untangle as eye-lashes stands up with the air, brown eyes contracts at the core, stained by the illumination of sun, quickly they drop down and requests the hand for a cover. Then as the hand slides up to the face, covering the white-brown pearl, they stand up again, peaking through the gap between fingers, they search for her. There she stands on the porch, wearing his sky blue shirt, her legs clearly visible and the smooth skin shining. Smoke from her mouth slowly disappears with the air, her hand slides down to get rid of the ash of the burnt cigarette and then they move up again. Her black hair falls short on her shoulder, curling on the left one, the gold chain she wears on the neck shines as sun rays hits it’s surface. The green sticker on her left wrist is still there, he slides up his left hand, and he has the same sticker.

She turns around with the noise the mattress makes as he tries to get off it.

“Did you sleep well?” She smiles.

He says nothing and tries to get up; tiredness on the knees and legs forces him to sit for a while. His mind slowly comes out of the dizziness he feels while making an effort to get up and then notices his bare chest and as his eyes scrolls down surety of wearing nothings hits him hard.

“What happened?” He asks, as she walks up-to him.

“Don’t you remember anything?” She asks.

He remains quiet, trying to delve himself on what happened, but he knew, it was obvious, their naked bodies, scattered clothes and the messed up bed, was screaming loud enough.

“I made you a coffee” She smiles as she comes close.

Her big, beautiful, bold and beautiful eyes holds him tight, glimpse from last night makes a way into his mind, then the neurons walks up to brain with the pictures of them bumping into each other outside the club, she was wearing the white laced dress, that is lying down on the floor now.

“What happened?” She asks noticing his quietness.

“Nothing, my head hurts” he says holding his head.

“It’s the hangover” She laughs.

“Do you remember what happened?” She asks.

He forces his mind to think about the last night, remembering that he was wearing black shirt over the blue jeans with his favorite brown shoes, the freshly shaved chest was pumping out after the morning workout and was adding to his brawniness when he bumped on her, she smiled as he did and then when bouncer didn’t allow single men to go in, she offered that he could go inside with her.

“Dude, do you remember?” She frowns.

“I remember” He says, looking up into her eyes, the look that grabs his heart. Freshness of her skin and the fragrance of her curves on his body make him restless.

She slides her hand into his arms and then takes them to the neck, slipping up on him; she quietly bends and gives him the cute peck. He looks at her, eyes scrolling her body through the unbuttoned shirt, then to the legs, the shining softness of her skin, then the brown eyes slipping from thighs to toes. Resisting to the burning desire he grabs the pillow instead of holding her. She notices the reluctance and slips away from him and quietly walks to the kitchen. He sits there observing her as she walks, her catwalk excites him, the shirt falling up to her knees but moving up and down as she walks, pulls his heart out like it is tied with a string to her body. She picks up the cup and pours coffee and then quickly brings it out.

“Here you go” She smiles as she puts the tray on the table.

“How much sugar you want?” She asks.

“Two spoons” He says.

“How is your headache?” She asks as she stirs the spoon into the cup.

“Its better now” He says, remembering the moment from last night when their head busted into each other while they were dancing and somebody shoved him and with the thrust he lost his balance and fell on her. They kept laughing for a while. He later held her into his arms and pulled her close and danced.

“How is the coffee?” She asks, as he sips.

“It’s great, just the way I like it” He smiles.

“You want to smoke?” She asks, putting the cup on the table.

“Alright” He says remembering that last time he smoked was when he was in college. It’s been very long since then.

They walk to the porch; he rests his hand on the wall and looks at the sky blue water of the swimming pool. She takes out the cigarette from the packet and puts one in his mouth, then grabs the lighter that she kept on the table to light it. As he inhales the white stick burns and starts turning into ash, she then grabs a cigarette between her lips and raise herself on her toes, holding his shoulders she climbs up to his lips and lights her cigarette with his. The very thought that she is so different from all the girls he ever met before turns him on, then her actions have been so seducing that the wall of restraining breaks. He holds her hand, and after spitting out his cigarette, he pulls away the cigarette from her mouth and throws it on the floor and then passionately kisses her. Their lip remains lock for few minutes, she moans with the passion and pleasure.

A bang on the door separates them, and he stares at the door as if he knew what was coming.





~An Empty Glass

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