Shackles of Religion and Caste

“I still roll down on the ground, shackles on my hand, shackles on my legs and shackles on my soul”

Wondering why we created traditions?

Why we’ve forced people to follow it since a long time?

Moreover why religions and castes were created?

Is dividing people to separate community is a wise and holy thing?

Going back to the time, even when I don’t believe in god, I’ll assume for a while that I do. What would it be like for God to create us, molding flesh and bones to a breathing being, carving contours and curves to the sculpture and then living thousands of life through us? That just sounds miraculous; now imagine you being able to do it. Doesn’t it give you a chill?

But did he restrict to that, answer is no, he gave us another gift, a gift of parenthood. We evolved to raise our own kind, to nourish and nest them. I wonder if God was ever thinking or he ever had an idea about what would we do in time, how we would change the course of future and become some being he never would have expected and wanted. We evolved, yes we did, learnt to kill for food, then for clothes, then for tools and then eventually for pleasure. This is us and we are humans doing everything for pleasure and our pleasure is tolling on nature and us. The first child ever born would have never thought that he would belong to a color, caste, culture, creed, race, community or a religion. But we’ve known it since we started to evolve, hearing it in the womb, we knew we were not like others; we have people of our own kind and then people who although looks same but are of different kind. I guess that’s what God wanted, dividing the very spirit of his creation based on stupid things.

I have seen thousands and millions praying to God, praying for miracles, looking for answers and searching for redemption. Now wait a second, why would he listen to you? just because he is supposed to be forgiving?, do you even realize what you did before you ask for forgiveness?, consider an example: you gave birth to a child, then as it grew, someone took it away from you, forcing that child of yours to be someone you never expected, separating him from the very society you wanted it to be a part of. I guess now this makes sense, I am sure you won’t forgive that someone who took away your child but you still expect forgiveness from God. I would applaud for this stupidest thought of yours.

We’ve survived a course of history, stepping into future. Things have changed, generations have changed, and nothing is same as it was before, but the traditions and cultural expectations keeps sucking on our lives, putting shackles on our liberty of actions and thoughts. Forcing us to live a stranger’s life and keep praying to find self.

I grew up in a Hindu family, raised in a Hindu religion and a Kshatriya caste, studied in a Christian school, grew up playing with Muslims and Sikhs. What did I achieve? I’ve gained centuries of knowledge and learnt and practiced a simple statement “we all are same and we all are child of one God”. It’s not that hard, look around see the world through your own eyes, don’t blindly follow some stupid idea that you belong to a religion, caste, color or creed. We all are better than this and free, accept your freedom, embrace your liberty and stop dividing and judging others.

“The shackles of religion and caste would suffocate us and would haunt us, but they are worth getting rid of”


~ An Empty Glass

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