Green Sticker – CH2- Stranger At The Door

He walks to the door, legs moving heavily, one step at a time in a slow pace. Then bends his body and rest on the door to find out who is there, with the hazy vision he looks at the guy standing at the door.

“Who is there?” He asks.

“Courier for you sir” the guy says.

He keeps looking at him, blue shirt and an orange cap clicks on his brain, “FedEx!” He thinks and opens the door.

“Hello sir” the guy says.

“Hello” He says and lifts his hand, expecting the parcel.

The guy drops the parcel on the ground and quickly takes out the revolver he was hiding beneath his shirt and points at him.

“Walk in, don’t make noise or I will shoot you” the guy says and pushes him.

He walks slowly, while she stands at the porch, leaning on the boundary, still smoking. He wants to warn her but fears the guy would shoot him and her as well. As they walk in, the guy shuts the door and then walks behind him, still pointing the gun.

“I don’t know you, what do you want from me?” He asks

“Shut up, where is she?” the guy yells.

Hearing to the noises she turns around and screams “What are you doing here?”

“You know him?” He shouts.

“I said shut up, I will shoot you” the guys shout.

“Marco what are you doing here?” She shouts.

“Boss asked you to kill him, not sleep with him” He shouts.

“Kill me?” He frowns.

“I said shut up” Marco yells and hits hard on his head.

“Robert” She screams and runs to him, as he falls on the ground.

“Don’t touch me” Robert yells.

Margaret stay away from him” Marco grabs her hand and pulls her towards him.

“Don’t tell me you are in love with him” He shouts.

“Oh no ! no this is not happening, you are seriously in love with him” He laughs, as she stands there, tears rolling on her cheeks.

“Boss would kill you” he says.

“Marco, please let us go” She pleads.

“You know I can’t” He stares.

“I am so sorry Marco” She says

“Sorry for what?” He asks.

She suddenly bends down and throws her leg on his neck and twist it, the pressure cracks his neck and Marco falls as she falls on ground. Robert slides away with panic “What did you do?”

Is he dead?” he cries

“Robert, its ok” She says grabbing his shoulder.

“Stay away from me, you stay away from me” He yells staring at Marco’s body.

“Let me explain Robert” She pleads while Robert slides away.

Suddenly the window glass breaks as the bullets pierced it and hits the wall, the floor and the TV. Robert and Margaret runs inside the room “keep your head down” She yells as Robert panics. She grabs her purse from the bedroom and takes out the pistol. “Who are you?” and “What is going on” Robert yells.

“I’ll explain if we make it alive from here” She says and inclines towards the window to find a way out, as she inclines to peek, a bullet just misses her head by an inch.  “Watch it” Robert says and pulls her on his arms, “So you do love me” She smiles. He releases her and speaks “I know a way out” and pulls her out of the bedroom. They slowly walk through the gunfire towards the exit, as he crawls out of the door, two men hiding outside grabs his head and pulls him out through his hair, he cries loud with pain at first and then throws a punch on the stomach of the guy at left, he loosens the grip giving Robert the moment to get up, but as he tries to stand the guy at the right kicks him on chest and he falls again, meanwhile Margaret jumps out of the door following Robert and without a blink shoots the other guys.

“Come On let’s go” She helps him up on his feet and they run down through the stairs.

To be continued…

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