The Only God

Holding your little cute hands

They walked until you learnt to walk

Every day was a new hassle

But for you, they open heartedly welcomed all the struggles

Like their own spirit and a part of their soul

They nourished and loved you

And then you grew up”


Since last few years I have been asked like a thousand times “Why are you not religious?” I believe I am not religious because I don’t find it interesting enough, well honestly interest doesn’t have anything to do with it, but the strong thinking that “praying should come from heart and not just because it has been forced from centuries” makes me go out of the books. Well it’s not even the case where I am trying to be a rebel or something. It’s simply not in me, being religious is not me.

But now you have to talk about it in a detail, isn’t it?

I know I was religious at some point of my life; I used to go to temple, pray and fast. What changed me is a mere fact that I started believing that “work is the only key and religion, one can ever have” and so  with this thinking all my efforts, my hard work and my sincerity was dedicated to one single path “My work”. Honesty came as a perk to me when I started working hard for things I wanted in life, many times I have pushed myself and many times I have been pushed, but quitting was never an answer because I loved what I did. Name it studying, writing, singing, playing, fighting or anything even the daily activities; I simply loved what I was doing. And this turned me away from being religious by books and I started looking for answers to the questions that I always had back on my mind.

“What is the purpose of my existence?”?

Well I haven’t found it yet, but the strong and stressed belief that “To do something good” keeps me going on.

Being religious is a far away thing, as I grew up, the belief that a God somewhere watching over us broke into pieces, the only answer to “is there really a god?” became “yes there is, my parents they are the only one god for me”. I look back to all those years I spent busy growing up, I realize that they took care of me, shaped and sheltered, loved and embraced, taught and motivated every moment of my life.

Why would we ever pray to someone whom we’ve never seen and forget the real Gods, who every moment of our lives have actually watched over and looked after us?

Look at their wrinkles and they would tell you the story of your life, look at their eyes and they would shower love and concern for you and look at their hands and they will always guide you on the right path for that’s the immortal love that will stay forever.


“And they you grew up

Walked in few radical shoes

You had time for your friends

And they kept waiting to talk to you”


I am not untouched by the forgetful nature of human being, sometimes I just ignore my parents concern and do what I want to, but that’s how I have always been, I’ve got my head on my torso in the end. I also don’t deny that they would make choices that you would not and you wouldn’t want to, sometimes they would walk away from the things that they taught you just like a normal human. But just like migrating birds you will one day go back to your basic senses, for nothing else matters, no opinion clashes and no crazy choices would ever separate the earth from the core.


“And they kept waiting to talk to you

You struggled, fell and stood up

People came and people went away

But only they stayed for you and your clay”


Parents are the only God, you need to know about

Love them and respect them.


inspired by :



~ AN Empty Glass


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