Green Sticker – CH 3 – Love, Life and Death

Love is a strange thing, one moment you lie on the bed, cherishing the flavors of each other scents and the very next moment catching your breath and saving your life from strangers.


“Wake up Robert!” Margaret screams as he lies on the ground with open eyes and blood coming out of his chest.

She applies pressure on the wound to stop the blood but he lies still, it was already too late. His heart stopped beating, “Wake up Robert! You can’t leave me alone” She screams, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Few hours earlier…

“Hurry up” She yells as they run down through stairs.

“Not from this door, follow me” he says and pulls her.

“Are you sure you know where we are heading?” She frowns.

“I know, just shut up and follow me” He says.

They run down to the basement and get into the laundry room.

“Oh really, you think they won’t find us in laundry room?” She frowns

“Would you keep quiet?” He yells and bends down to grab the rod and then hooked it into the window’s frame and pulls it hard to the left.

“I didn’t know you are this smart” She smiles.

“I am smart” he frowns.

“Hurry up, help me someone is coming” He says.

She jumps up and they pull it together, the frame comes out and he lifts her up, she climbs up through the window jumping up from his shoulder and then watches his back through the window. He jumps and as he gets out of the window they run towards the car.

“Wait they are watching the car” She exclaims and pulls him back as he tries to run for the car.

“Damn, let’s go that way” he points to the inner streets and they quickly run and later disappear.

“We should hide here for a while” She says pointing to the wrecked building across the street.

“I am not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on” He frowns and stands still.

“This is not the time to be childish, lives are at stake” She yells.

“I know and it’s my life that has always been on stake, so you better tell me” He shouts.

“Ok, if that’s what you really want to know” She says.

“I was sent to kill you, remember the night we first met?” She asks

Yes we met yesterday outside the club” he says.

“No Robert we have met before” She says

“I don’t remember meeting you” He frowns

“We met at the library, you were reading book and I was following you, studying you and understanding how you stay in day to day life” She says.

“You were my assignment and after I had retrieved the hard disk from you, I was supposed to kill you” She says.

“You were after my hard-disk? You were after my research?” He shouts.

“My boss has been paid a large amount and he chose me to get this done” She says.

“Then why didn’t you kill me?” He yells

“Because… I fell in love with you Robert, because I saw how good you are, and now I can’t kill you” She whispers, droplets from her eyes falls onto her chest

“I have been following you since a month, I saw how you take care of everyone, and I saw the extreme good in you” She walks near him to hold his hand.

“Don’t touch me” He says and steps back.

“You are a killer” He screams.

“Robert, I would leave everything for you” She pleads.

He stands restless, troubled with millions of thoughts that his mind tries to process, “Is she telling the truth?” He asks himself.

Suddenly she falls on the ground with the thrust of bullet piercing her right shoulder, “Margaret” He shouts and turns around. Noticing four guys running towards him, he lifts her up and runs.

“Leave me here Robert” She cries, “You can’t carry me for long, they will catch you” She says.

“I won’t leave you” He yells and runs.

“Hide somewhere” she says.

He takes her and hides behind the garbage box. “Stay quiet” She says and peeks through the edge and as the guys approach them, she takes out the gun and starts shooting. The gunfire kills the three guys but she misses the last one as her pain reaches her mind and not missing the chance the fourth guy shoots her on the chest. She falls with immense pain and blood pouring out with a blast.

“Margaret” Robert screams and stands up, grabs the gun and shoots. The fourth guy falls on the ground as the bullet pass through his head.

“I am ok, let’s get out of here” She smiles.

“I am sorry, you should have killed me” He says.

“No Robert, I always knew there is no happy ending to this, but I am glad I met you” She says.

“Let’s go” She insists.

He carries her on his arms and climbs up the stairs to the roof. His eyes pour tears as her wounds pour blood. Deep in his heart he remembers her face from yesterday, her smile when they bumped into each other, her scent while they were lying on the bed and her lips scratching his. He didn’t knew her but there was something he felt last night that he never felt before, his heart was pounding as he saw her, then as they stepped into the house, he could see love on her eyes, the pure and strong love. He remembers how he undressed her and how she moaned and now as he climbs up, he looks into her face suffering from pain but still trying to smile to make him happy. He knew this was love the very moment they kissed and he knows this is love when she is dying for him.

“Close the door” She says as they step into the roof.

He puts her gently on the ground and hurries to shut the door and then runs back to her. “I love you Margaret” He says and holds her face.

She smiles and inclines towards him, he bends down and holds her lip with his and they kiss. “I love you too Robert” She cries.

“They will never get the hard-disk Margaret, I destroyed it when we ran away from the house, and they will never be able to get my research” He says.

Far away, listening to the conversation through the micro transmitter bugged inside Margaret’s wrist when she joined the company, a stranger aims to Robert’s chest. With the steady hand he dials a number and puts the phone on his ears.

“Shoot him” He hears and pulls the triggers.

Bullet hits Robert chest and pierce through his heart, with the thrust he falls on the floor, eyes wide open and hands still holding her.


“Robert wake up” She shouts and cries, while stranger aims on her head.

As he pulls the trigger the bullet hits her head straight and she falls on top of him.

“Love is immortal, the flesh would die but songs of joy and love would always be heard”

The End


~ An Empty Glass


7 Responses to “Green Sticker – CH 3 – Love, Life and Death”
  1. Jayati says:

    Wow..!! Nice story 🙂

  2. deA says:

    bravo!!!! keeps getting better, that one grabbed on and held until the very end-I like the poetic gist at the end; it brightens it up a bit~remembering we are mortal beings however, our Souls & Love, authentic, genuine Love eternal 🙂 thanks for the good read!!!!

  3. storyofcooks says:

    If I enjoy a write-up, I live in the moment… I mean to say, throughout your entire story, I felt like I am standing there watching Margaret and Robert. You are a gifted writer. Keep writing…..

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