Bugged with Love

As the world shrinks, I run to you my love

Day by day and minute by minute

I run, I sing and I dance

By the way do you remember the first time we had some serious romance?

I held your breath for too long

Lips rubbing each other’s, you rested on my bedroom’s wall

It was the perfect day

Your hands on my chest and mine on your soul so tall

You looked into my eyes as I was the only thief

That glimpse taking some serious toll on my freaking beef

I knew I had fallen for you since then

With an mp3 bugged into my ears

Looping on songs of love and passion

So as the world shrinks today, I run to you my love

With some long distance calls

And some exhausting flights

Just to hold you in my arms.

© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013

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