Be Healthy For a Dream not the Cream

When I was a kid – I was always the one who wanted to be outside on the ground and not sit on the couch in front of a TV. I was always the one who wanted to sweat him out and not just sit on a restaurant and eat. I was always the one healthy and strong, less prone to diseases and injuries.”

But as I grew up, load of studies took over and I stopped playing, I stopped working out.  Initially for few years I didn’t gain weight, but diseases and infections started affecting me often. With time when I moved to USA, I was in an ok shape, strong but not healthy. But after few years of staying in the states “The land of dreams”, although my other dreams were being touched and fulfilled but then the dream of being healthy and strong was broken into pieces.

I came to US with a weight of 158 lbs. and then after 2 years of staying here I was 195 lbs. with a back injury, glasses, less hair, bulging out tummy, weak shoulder and arms, zero leg stability, vitamin D deficiency, frequent headaches and screwed up core.

One day standing and brushing in front of the mirror in my washroom I looked at myself,  something just shook me when I noticed my nose was bleeding without any reason, I grabbed the cotton from the cupboard and wiped the blood, and then raised my head backwards for a minute. Just a few drops of blood from my nose forced me to think about my lifestyle. Eating unhealthy food, pizza, chocolate cakes and a regular drinking habit, I realized how far I was from the point to even start thinking about my dream of being healthy and strong. And then I decided that I had to call it an end to all these unhealthy habits and work hard towards being healthy.

I found Planet Fitness, a nice, decent and cheap gym to start this journey from. Initially it took a toll on my body to even lift 20 lbs. of dumbbells, I would run out of breath in just 2-3 minutes of cardio, but I didn’t stop and every day I pushed myself.

After first year of working out on a tortoise pace I grew a little stronger, I lost few pounds but the weakness in arms and shoulder; moreover my back was still the pain in the ass. I was able to lift 40 lbs. dumbbells on the last set but legs were still bailing out on me and the cardio was limited to 10 minutes.

This was the time when I decided to go crazy on my workout and after researching a lot on internet, I found Kris Gethin’s 12 week challenge. This was something new to me and I wanted to try this, watching every video and buying all the food and supplements I started working hard.  I couldn’t complete the 12 weeks but I did make it to 10 weeks of no fat and unhealthy food.

By the end of that 10 week program I weighed 174 lbs. just 2 lbs. more than the BMI. I was super happy with the results, but this workout was not just about the body, it seemed it was always about super discipline and dedication. Nonetheless it was about constant hard work and great will power. Kris’s 12 week challenged changed my life in every sense; I regained lost self-confidence and realized that I was finally moving closer to my dream.

“People call me a gym freak – I say I am healthy” If you look at me, I won’t be a bodybuilder, but an average guy, a healthy and strong man.

Right now I weigh 187 lbs. again, but it’s not fat but a good portion of lean muscles, I am still working out and trying different workout regimens. I work out twice the day, it’s mostly having been trial and error method but seems like I finally figured out my lifestyle for coming long time. My strength has excelled in terms of legs, shoulders and arms.

I do skipping and running for cardio, and after two years I am now able to run 4 miles and do a 250 skips. I can lift 70 lbs. on shoulder and chest. Arms can handle 72 lbs. of pull weight and legs can handle a leg extension of 270 lbs. each side.

That says it all.

I don’t plan to settle here, I know it’s a long road to go and very tough miles to run, but I am sure I will get there.

“Don’t work out to get the cream, to impress people around and don’t work out to get the girls at all. If you seriously want to work out then do it to be healthy and live a long happy life” ~ Akhand Singh


~ An Empty Glass

2 Responses to “Be Healthy For a Dream not the Cream”
  1. Minal says:

    super like your journey of being close to ur dream … ur craziness is quite visible though.

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