Missing Almighty

An extreme emptiness

A soul so wrecked

Belief broken

And the hope that stays dead.


Countless tears

Mixed emotions

Trust issues and

The flesh’s deadlocked motions.


Empty and corrupt dictionary

Hate against love

Constant beat down and

The world’s fucking shove.


Streets so scary

Bloody and messy

Criminals running free

And the innocent’s painful diary.


Where are you?

Where have you been?

The spectator and the unseen

Are you real and do you still care?


© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013
2 Responses to “Missing Almighty”
  1. Neeraj says:

    A very valid question!

    • akhandsi says:

      Thanks Neeraj.

      I look around sometimes and realize we all are driving crazy with what is right and wrong
      and with so many things on our mind.

      This question pops up on my mind, is the god real?

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