Straight Quarrel

In the journey of finding self

I was broken and pierced

Thousands of scales and millions of efforts in vain

The spirits of desires stood and watch

While I burnt and lost my breath

Then I collapsed and crawled through the mud

Where were you then?

Was it one of your other tests?

When I looked up to my friends,

Their smiles gave me the strength

So I survived and fought pretty well

But then you took them away

When I looked at my love

I knew I would still make it

But since you weren’t the guy who was happy

You preached religion and caste to the society

What were you thinking?

Were you drunk with your power?

I may be a mortal but yet have a code

Love all, sail and sink together with the boat

May be it’s hard for you to understand

Since you’ve sat dumb since decades

Let me shout out loud, sing and rephrase

You’ll find that even when the young soul dies with pain

There isn’t a blood drop that goes in vain

It drops the box of faith and fades the margin of rage.



© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013
2 Responses to “Straight Quarrel”
  1. chely5150 says:

    It is as if you have walked many a mile in my worn out shoes. So beautiful and touching, words only words that are put to the real life that was the creation of all that exist.

    You are gifted in expression! Of that I am sure. I am moved by your words. Chely

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