Wandering of Mind – A Punch to Quitting 1

The wandering of mind, the unstable mind is not at halt today, deliverance of the super self and an extreme virtual being is on the way. Sometimes I wonder how life has changed in last few years and then sometimes I think about how it didn’t change in most of the senses.

While reading an interview of a celebrity earlier this week I was simply mesmerized by the fact that he humbly accepted “fear of failure is the only reason he is successful today“, this is something I’ve always believed in. Being afraid of failing I kept on running towards my goals, although it is undeniable that the journey took its toll and I slowed down for few miles but the thing is “I didn’t quit” and that is something that have kept me going.

Definitely many a times I’ve thought about quitting, thought about giving up but then there is this stupid and crazy fellow hiding inside me who with every failure wants to push for one last time  and so the counts of those one last time hangs on my wall today as a number in thousands. I’ve been definitely amazed by this strong hearten fellow and happy that I have one watching my back all the time.

The journey so far is a one hell of a fight and the tiredness is obvious but then there is something different about the dreamers, the believers and the doers. They dream, believe and in the end they do it.

Stop quitting, get off your ass and knock down a dream today.”


~ An Empty Glass


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