It’s our life-It’s our story

Sometimes life treats you in a strange way but the hug and kisses, the tears and smiles, the laughter and the fight; they all are the part of you. They are the memories of a lifetime.

Right now sitting on the chair and sipping the coffee I look out of the window, its sprinkling, the fall colors are so beautiful and mesmerizing that my heart is pumping up and the excitement to go out of this closed room is at its peak. There has never been this strong feeling to live in me like today, I feel the skin shining just with the thought of standing at the tip of a mountain and hugging the wind and then with arms wide open just greet the life that would save me from becoming the person I am heading towards.

It’s strange how we don’t do things that we really want to and we do things that we never wanted to. We go round and round for all the things that don’t even matter, and I realize this now when people I closely know, broke out of the shell of innocence and showed the real hypocrite hiding in them.  Moreover as I realize that the society we live in has nothing to do with our life but adding troubles and imposing stupid and dumb group-ism or division of living based on caste and creed, I would phrase this again “It’s out life it’s our story”.

It does matter what you are and how you’ve held up against every cause that doesn’t want you to stand. Like it’s said and heard through tides of times “Strong are those who’ve been beaten to death, yet they fight” I believe I have every reason to grab my life into my hands and shape it the best I could ever do. Passing from the blocks of hollowness and prison of blindness, now I believe we all have capabilities to get through the tough tides and sail across the vast ocean to eventually reach the shores of peace and eternity.

Life is a precious gift; each breath is really a miracle that you always wished to witness. Now since you have it you should go out and open your heart for everything and everyone. Just think about it, your love and care shapes and gives hope to your family and friends, so if you really open up your heart to the world, we could make it a better place, the heaven on grounds and the heaven in everyone’s reach.

But moreover remember “It’s our life it’s our story”, picture it, write it, speak it, sing it and accept it. Live life the way you want to.



Courtesy: De, thanks for the wonderful words and the tag line that you gave me to write and ponder about.



~ An Empty Glass


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