Until The End

Friendship have always been my favorite kind of relationship, one step at a time and two rows to move forward. I’ve realized through  my experiences and a journey of self-discovery that there was never anything more valuable than the idea of two people getting involved with each other and through a strange strong bond deciding to watch each other’s back for eternity. And that’s the reason you don’t find it very common around, like they say “one true friend is better than the world full of friends”. But undoubtedly sometimes it takes a very long time to find that real friend, still on the same scale that wait is worth it. I’ve recently experienced the broken logic of self-righteousness and when this happens people tend to only think about themselves and they start choosing anything but the true friendship, because  the true friendship though like a sweet chocolate sometimes tastes like shit and forces the shackles of truth and your own un-explored conscience on you but since we human were never designed to be slaves and bounded we simply resists the greatness of true friendship and find comfort in whatever we can.

Until the end is my new question about human relationship, have we really grown too far from the roots of our integrity and source of our love? May be we have, since the darkness and selfishness had out casted the good in us and all we really want is to excel at any cost so the future of true relationship and the fate of the stories of brothers in arms seems to be lost in amidst.

Growing up I’ve read so much about friendship that I literally was always thrilled as how is it really possible for someone to think above themselves and more over how is it really possible to completely dedicate your life to someone other than your family but then I met few people who did that for me, I met few people whom I stood by no matter what and this changed my life, gave me the answers I was asking questions for.

Until the end is an experience about those people who  consider you as the part of their heart that is really important to breathe and keeps you alive. Don’t lose these people, since they are the miracles you have waited for and there is nothing to life without a friend you can drink with, you can go out and live with.

An Empty Glass

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