Determination To Live

He looks up to the red sky, burdened with thoughts of family,

Slowly stares the mighty heaven, for the answers of certainty.

Is his future bright? He questions,

Deep down the throat gulping the thoughts of salvation,

Then wonders what did he do wrong and questions,

Do I not deserve? Didn’t I work hard enough for my part?

After a long silence, disappointed he walks to his house,

Feeling of being stuck in a cage like a mouse.

He quietly steps into the room without the door,

Looks around the wear and tear; the holes on the floor.

Drops of sweat and drops of blood rolls down from his eyes.

But the vision captures his child dragging on the ground,

Smile climbs up on his face as he figures that it’s the determination to live that he has just found.

“Love conquers all fear”


© Akhand Singh, 2013 © An Empty Glass, 2013

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