Diary of a Young Man – Part 13

Plain paper

March 18 Th 2003

An eagerness to witness a miracle speeds up and the heart screams again. Most of the times in your life you are unaware of the terms you share with people around you are not sure about the positives they look in you and then the negatives they hate in you.

I don’t know why we tends to look life that way. Is it all depends on what people think about you and not about how you actually are?

Last 10 days!

All the last days, I just counted on the things I left, honestly about the things those left me alone. It’s really amazing and terrifying as how people leave you alone in suck a strange way. The buddies who stepped with you and moved over all of your nerves, the buddies who means something for you leaves you alone at such critical point.

I’ve always…

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