A glass of water- Serve the Society

Today I walked four miles to get a glass of water

Wiped her old rusty hands and then tried to hold the dying father

Endless lines of worries appeared on my face

What could I have done to save my family from this rage?

Maybe I should steal and kill for money now

For I can buy a living and some water even for my thirsty cow

But this thought scares me, I am just a kid

Wrecked, sick, hungry and tricked

I too deserve a chance to live in peace

Few meals and some drops to drink

Help me so I can grow up and someday help you

Contribute to save the world and help reducing this hungry queue.

“Help provide clean water. Help make the world a better place”

PS: please follow the post “A glass of clean water” or go to http://my.charitywater.org/a-glass-of-water to donate for those in need. Also if you cannot provide financial support please share this with your friends and social circles. Spread the word so people can do their part.



~ An Empty Glass

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