Year 2013 was awesome

Year 2013 was awesome.

I turned 25!!!

Damn 25 feels good, life is moving pretty quickly. Meeting new people almost every day and making new friends. Becoming determined and getting inspired as well as motivated on daily basis from many individuals around.

If you ask me “If this was what I expected out of life few years ago” I would say “Honestly I didn’t imagine life would be like this, it’s exciting”.

Looking back at time I see myself as a grown up and matured individual at times and on the other hand as crazy and stupid. I think this is good as after all this keeps me intact and balanced. Balance is certainly the most important thing considering one’s character. I don’t believe in being moderate but obviously extremity is not good as well.

2013 was important to me in many aspects.  I finally found the real self and also fully understood the difference between “friends you want and friends you need”. I understood that life is short and I should not miss a chance to enjoy it.  I understood that no matter what you are going through, your only job is to keep your family happy. I understood that sometimes its worth to go for a long ride at night and get drunk. Mostly I realized that happiness is not bounded to the money but everything else and certainly your dreams.

How it started?

Year 2013 started pretty slow but paced up crazily till May. I went out and explored new places continuously. List included Camping, Jet Skiing, Sky Diving, Swimming, Barbecues, Bar Hoping and eventually grew long and easy to lose the count.

How it ended?

Well indeed it ended with a bang and I almost broke my leg (Story not to be told), but it was fun.

Big Moments!

Sky Diving — glider is scary man, flipped 3 times before coming to the right position. That scared the hell out of me. But the feeling of flying or technically falling free was awesome. I am no more scared of heights or at least I have that courage to overcome the fear of height and moreover dying.

Jet Ski — saw my friend almost submerging into the ocean, like Doom 3. Well that was the scary part but the fun part was that it was hell of a fun. He came out like a champ in the end and we laughed like crazy.

Trips to Strange Lands — well this is not something I normally used to do, but this have become a great part of my life where I would just randomly visit places to eat and drink and moreover to just see the place.

Reunion of Friends — heart touching experience of laughing, eating and pulling legs. There is nothing as joyful and precious as a company of a friend, the brother in arms and the wing man. Also there is nothing like meeting and reliving those precious moments with your chaddi buddies, they indeed change your life.

Big Brothers Wedding — awesome trip to India, finally my big B got married and brought this wonderful woman to our family. Honestly my sister-in-law is super cool and awesome.

I did it Moment — this one was the toughest one but I finally managed to gather all courage and talked to the parents of the girl I love. They seemed pretty cool and after my convincing them they seemed pretty open to accept me. @Not something I Expected.

The Ring — the beautiful moment when somebody proposes you. Yes, finally there is a girl who would break all the conventions and propose the guy. I am glad I am with this wonderful girl. @I always wanted that to happen.

Few Promises and Resolutions for 2014!

2014 seems good till now, but hopes are up and motivations is at its peak. I am all set to rock and roll this year. With a proper mind set I know what I have to do to hold the dreams I wanted to hold. This year is going to be the Game changer but no matter what I’ve got my backup plans.

1. Sky diving.

2. Scuba diving.

3. Continuous hiking.

4. Exploring a new country.

5. Publishing my novel.

6. Getting blog to another level.

7. Lean body.

8. Make a YouTube Video – sing a song.

9. Be a part of something bigger than myself. Try to change the world  and make it a better   place.


P.S. Can’t reveal every resolution 🙂 some should be kept as a secret.

Year 2013 was awesome!!!



~ An Empty Glas

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