Few breaths of thousand words

Sucked into the black hole of clock’s death

Infinite hopes of a better life

Futile efforts and dreams to forever survive

In the end no matter what, we all die

Sing few songs and then quietly slip into demise

Why not just live till we hold on to the life

Merry, cherish and play our supreme fife

Death is inevitable my friends

So come with me, be happy and break all the trends

Walk with freedom of minds and thoughts

Write, read and express what we’ve lost

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014
3 Responses to “Death”
  1. calvin5811 says:

    Thats my motto as well,enjoy the good,bad and ugly that life has to offer,because we are all going to die in the end and then nothing is going to matter!

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