Valentine Special – 8 years and Counting

For years we have walked slow, very slow

Slower than everybody else we know

Counting days and nights, probably a thousand in a row

It’s tough to wait a whole year before we meet, Babe trust me, I know

But guess what, its 8 years now and we made it

Walked through the twisting turns of long distance and patience

And finally stepped into the confused twenties destinations

But they say it right, when the love is determined and crazy

Even the darkest hour of eternity seems easy-peasy

Love, I am glad that I am with you on this journey

Fighting the uncertainties and the shadow of casteism’s eternity

Now just hang in there, don’t worry about what we have, and what not

Dream with me, live in present and let’s make love that forever lasts.

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014
3 Responses to “Valentine Special – 8 years and Counting”
  1. krutika says:

    awesome piece..

  2. Nidhi says:

    simply amazing :)…..

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