Valentine Special – I Remember Us

I remember us, the way we were

When we were only seventeen

When we were crazily young and wild and free

You were cute, pony tail and shy

And I was tall, bold and alive

I remember us, the way we were

Madly in love with each other

Eager to spend time together

Unafraid of the dark, the new lovers

And writing letters of love one after another

I remember us, the way we were

Thousands of emotions, but just few words

Racing with the stars the two of us

The rain and the kiss, the extreme amorous

And the tears of separation, the life so tough

I remember us, the way we were

I see you sometimes, and it reminds me of me

Back in those days, when I was stress free

Your love is precious and I would cherish it for eternity

Just hang in there, the time will come soon

For us, the Young kites to fly, wild and carefree

© Akhand Singh, 2014 © An Empty Glass, 2014
One Response to “Valentine Special – I Remember Us”
  1. Nidhi says:

    great one … 😀 …. Loved ittt 🙂 ……

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