Blue Weekdays

I sit on the this chair and look round, so many cubicles, huge hall rounded up with walls in shades of blueish and white,  constant murmurings of unfamiliar issues, some related to work, some to probably a  TV show and some even related to alcohol and getting drunk on the weekend.

I walk to stretch my legs, notice few colleagues with some pressure of not meeting their deadlines and some colleagues with nothing to do at all, noises of continuous typing and hitting the keys of the keyboard irritates me, even the whispers of “let’s get a coffee” catches up to my ears, some laughter of missing scenes and some yelling of constant stress.

I am suffering from a disease called Blue weekdays, there is this missing passion, an urge to find out if I really like what I am doing. A complain of a desk job and the screams of extinguishing youth.












~ An Empty Glass

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